The ETKDI/ETWDI is a single-jet meter developed by ZENNER with the new D-register and equipped with a pulser permanently installed ex works.

The individual advantage of the ETKDI is an exceptional compact design. With its very small height, the meter easily adapts to any installation situation.

The EDKDI / ETWDI has a register with protected magnetic coupling and ensures an accurate collection of the meter data for the individual consumption billing in flats and apartments. The ETKDI / ETWDI is available with a 7-digit register and a pulse value of 10 l or with a 8-digit register and a pulse value of 1 l respective in the sizes Q3=2,5 and Q3=4.

Due to the already preinstalled pulser the ETKDI / ETWDI enables remote reading of the meter data. Using a special add-on module it can be integrated into an M-Bus or radio system.

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