Water, Energy and Gas


Automatically read and monitor water meters and detect system issues and leaks at an early stage. At ZENNER we offer a comprehensive solution for measurement technology and system solutions. Innovative M-Bus and radio solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT) and in particular LoRaWAN® technology offer a wide array of options.

Smart solutions for municipalities, water providers and real estate companies
Build the future with ZENNER!

With an extensive portfolio of innovative measuring technology, ZENNER offers water meters, heat and cooling enrgy meters, gas meters, modern IoT sensors and digital solutions across a network of customers and partners in more than 100 countries around the globe.

Our digital solutions enable our customers to implement intelligent systems for the consumption measurement of water, heat, cooling or gas.

Radio-ready meters, state-of-the-art remote reading systems for M-Bus, wireless M-Bus or LoRaWAN® IoT provide various new possibilities for developing innovative added value services.

From detecting leaks, to consumption optimisation, through to setting up intelligent supply networks, our products and technologies open up a whole new range of digital opportunities.