Residential water meter MTKD-S

The MTKD-S is a compact dry dial multi-jet meter for cold potable water with a lightweight brass body.

The new series of our multi-jet dry dial meters are an improvement of the millionfold proved MTK.

The newly developed dry dial counter with tamper-proof magnet coupling is available in a number of model (wiper function, number of digit rolls, Copper-Can model). Our developers succeeded in reducing substantially the weight of the brass body – with positive effects on the measuring quality. The innovation is called MTKD-S, where the „S“ stands for small body.

Multi-jet dry dial meters are used, where the water can be charged with particles. Due to the completely encapsulated counter, the meter works perfectly with almost any potable water quality and under challenging[nbsp] ambient conditions. MTKD-S is by default protected against interference and manipulation attempts with one of the most sophisticated protection concepts.

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