Rexnord Omega Spacer Yellow (HDY) Couplings


Omega Spacer HDY (Heavy Duty Yellow) elastomeric coupling consists of the unique split-in-half flex element and reversible hubs.



  • Features a 25% higher torque rating and 40% higher torsional stiffness than Orange (Standard) element
  • Available in Inch (Imperial) or Metric
  • Hubs offered in rough, custom, or bushed designs
  • Accommodates shaft diameters up to 6.00” (152 mm)
  • Continuous torque loads up to 49,375 lb-in (5,578 Nm)
  • Peak torque loads up to 120,312 lb-in (13,946 Nm)
  • Available in 13 sizes from ES2 to ES80 (ES2-M to ES80-M metric)
  • Features optional hole mounting positions and reversible hubs to accommodate most shaft spacing requirements