Smooth Motors Asynchronous Motors


Performance: 0.12 – 2.2 kW
Global approvals and acceptances

NORD Smooth Motors are produced in our own factories and supplied to all important markets throughout the world. Thanks to their wash-down design the motors are suitable for use in the food industry, among other places. They are available in two versions, smooth, non-friction housing and nsd tupH. The following further options are also available:

B-side options: Brake (BRE), Incremental encoder (IG)
Motor protection: Temperature sensor (TF), Temperature monitor (TW), Standstill heater (SH)
Motor connection: Motor plug connection (MS)
Smooth Motors BG71
NEW: The new size 71 Smooth Body Motors are available in three power classes: 0.12 kW, 0.18 kW and 0.25 kW. IE3 efficiency level guarantees resource-saving operation. Thanks to their aluminium housing (protection class IP66), the motors are protected against corrosion.

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