Electromagnetic flowmeter

No moving parts, no restriction to flow (load loss is irrelevant).
Bi-directional flow metering.
Compact and remote versions (cable length up to 30m).
Intuitive controls.
Long operating life.
Nominal diameter: DN25 to DN500.
Nominal pressure: PN10 (145 PSI) to PN16 (232 PSI).
Pipe connection: DIN 2633 flanges
Inner liner: hard rubber (PTFE Teflon on request).
Body: carbon steel.
Converter housing: aluminum coating.
Measuring electrodes: stainless steel AISI 316L (optional in Hastelloy)
2 for measuring
1 for empty pipe detection
1 for earthing
Flow range: 0.1…10m/s.
5…10 m/s: 0.25%
1…0.5 m/s: 1%.
Temperature: -20º…+60° C.
Voltage: 230VAC (optionally, 15…24VAC/12…34VDC)
Consumption: 10 VA max.
1 x multifunctional programmable (pulse, status), insulated (relay, 125V /1A or 30V/2A load).
1 x multifunctional programmable (pulse, status), insulated (NPN transistor, 30V/50mA load max.).
1 x active analog programmable (0-20mA/ 4-20mA, load ≤500Ω).
1 x RS232.
Communications: RS232, keypad, permanent backlit graphic display.
Data logger: up to 100 samples.
Compact version:
sensor IP67
converter IP65
Remote version:
sensor IP67/68
converter IP65

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