Elastomere gaskets

Rubber-steel gaskets are employed wherever safe sealing of either conventional or special industrial media, either in the form of liquids or gases, is required. They are typically employed to ensure exceptionally low leak rates and are also the optimal solution in cases where operators have to work with low bolt loads and relatively low temperatures. The steel support ring prevents a blowout of the gasket and increases stability, allowing for easy handling, even when confronted with challenging fitting conditions.

KLINGER®KGS gaskets can be used in combination with all types of flange materials, ranging from plastic to steel, and are provided in a wide range of shapes and dimensions.. Amongst others, the product offering includes the EN 1514-1 as well as several sizes of the ANSI standard. KLINGER®KGS gaskets comprise the rubber types NBR, EPDM, FKM; other builds are provided on demand.

KLINGER®KGS gaskets are characterized by an extremely good adhesion between the rubber und the steel ring, resulting in a robust and safe sealing product. As such, it offers numerous major advantages, including easy handling, ruggedness and superior sealing capabilities. Last but not least, it also guarantees tightness in tandem with uneven (coated) flanges frequently encountered in potable water applications.

Easy handling and safe installation

Different rubber types, with certifications for potable water and gas applications

Compliance with the German Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft)

Available in EN- and ANSI sizes

Excellent sealing surface adaptability, high tightness at low surface loads

Utilization of state of the art production techniques and highest-quality raw materials

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