Twin wire end ferrules with plastic collar, Colour code DIN



100 units, colour code 1 (FR) & DIN

For a safe connection.




Eminently suitable for connecting fine-wired lines, especially terminal connections. Special sleeve for a two-conductor connection.

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It is especially important for electricians to ensure that individual wires do not get crushed or misdirected when connecting fine-wired lines. If they do, there is a risk of cable breaks or even short circuits, which can potentially cause a fire. Wire-end sleeves can prevent such risks and provide reliable contacts, thus ensuring things work safely for the long term. The conical-shaped collar makes it easier to insert wires into the sleeve. The sleeve also makes it easier to insert the cable into the terminal. The twin wire end sleeves are specifically designed for two-conductor connections. Wiha halogen-free wire-end sleeves offer heat resistance up to 105 °C. They are manufactured to DIN 46228 specifications and are certified as per the applicable standards and UL requirements.