Soft-faced hammer dead-blow, medium hard




With steel tube handle, round hammer face

Powerful hammering made easy.




Ideal for delivering measured positioning blows on components such as work pieces in machine vices or for installation work. Medium-hard hammer heads eminently suitable for tool and machine engineering, car repairs as well as sheet metal and assembly work.


With cast iron balls inside the hammer head for recoilless work.

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Choosing the right hammer is particularly important on sensitive surfaces to prevent damage. With its steel tube handle, the no-recoil soft-faced hammer allows the user to deliver measured positioning blows, protecting delicate surfaces and edges through its high-impact effect. Thanks to the special metal filling in the hammer head, the soft-faced hammer also guarantees absolutely no recoil, thus protecting joints. Around 25% more hammer head mass ensures additional power. The yellow medium-hard hammer faces are ideal for universal use in areas such as tool and machine engineering as well as sheet metal and assembly work. The hammer is also impressive due to its steel tube handle with ergonomic, non-slip grip. Each hammer head is available individually as a spare part.