Dust ignition protection motors


Motors and generators for explosive atmospheres



A wide range of dust ignition proof motors, both low and high voltage, from 0.25 to 7,700 kW.

  • The motors fulfill the EN standards and ATEX directives, and comply with many other international and local regulations
  • Low voltage motors fulfill IE2 and IE3 efficiency class requirements
  • With Ex t motors, any explosion transmission of dust is prevented
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Our offering

Dust ignition proof low voltage motorsIEC 71 to 560; 0.55 to 2000 kW

Equipment protection level Db and Dc for zones 21 and 22

ABB offers a full range of IECEx/ATEX certified low voltage dust ignition proof IE2 and IE3 efficiency motors. Motors are made to meet the precise needs of each customer and each application.

Type of protection Ex t

Output power                                                                     
0.25 to 2000 kW
Frame size IEC 71 to 560
Frame material Aluminum or cast iron
Number of poles 2 to 8
Voltages All commonly used voltages
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Protection IP 55 or IP 65
Protection type For zone 21: EPL Db, T 125°C, IP65
For zone 22: EPL Dc, T 125°C, IP55 or IP65
Dust groups IIIB and IIIC
Certificates IECEx / ATEX certified, national certificates for example CU-TR (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan), CQST (China) and INMETRO (Brazil)
Features  •   Certified with variable speed drive
•   Variants for different standards in the oil and gas sector
•   Type approval for most marine classification societies
•   Application specific design available

Dust ignition proof cast iron high voltage motorsIEC 355 to 560; 140 to 2250 kW

Equipment protection level Db and Dc for zones 21 and 22

Dust ignition proof modular induction motorsIEC 400 to 630; 160 to 7700 kW

Equipment protection level Db and Dc for zones 21 and 22

ABB’s modular induction motors provide high efficiency, reliability and availability in the toughest and most demanding applications.

Built on the most successful modular motor platform, they are optimized for variable speed control and undergo rigorous testing at every stage of production.

ABB’s dust ignition proof motors comply with all national and international standards and requirements – including IEC, European (EN), ATEX  and NEMA.

All ABB’s dust ignition proof motors are custom designed for an ideal match with each customer and application.