■ Food industry: Cooling and deep-freezing with natural and synthetic
■ Sports and leisure facilities, such as bobsled tracks, ice rinks
or ice hockey stadiums
■ Electronics and power converters: modules in mobile (railway)
and stationary (offshore wind turbines) applications
■ Cooling modules in the chemical industry (optionally in
explosion-proof design)
■ Freeze-drying and oil-cooling systems for transformers
■ CO2
cooling for mainframes and server centres
■ Absorption refrigeration applications with lithium bromide and NH3



Pumped media

Liquids and liquefied gases, such as NH3
(R717), CO2
(R744), R22, R134a,
hydrocarbons, R404a, R11, R12, Baysilone (M3, M5), methanol, silicone
oil KT3, Syltherm XLT, water glycol mixtures. In principle, the refrigerant
pumps are suitable for conveying all types of refrigerant. However, this
must be checked for each case.

Type / design

Horizontal, seal-less spiral housing pumps in process design with completely
closed canned motor with radial impeller, single-stage, single-flow. The
connection measurements of the housing comply with EN 22 858 / ISO 2858.

Canned motor type

The CNF model is the version for liquefied gases, boiling media and
condensate. With an integrated auxiliary impeller and internal fluid
return, it is suitable for conveying liquids close to steam pressure.


The rotor lining, one of our core competences, is manufactured using the
compact extrusion method and as a nickel-base alloy, it is an essential
component of the highly efficient canned motor. The canned motor filled
with liquid accelerates to the operating speed in seconds. It is wear-free and
maintenance-free during continuous operation due to the hydrodynamic
sleeve bearings. The canned motor is low-noise and low-vibration and offers
double security against leakage.



Type: CNF
  • normal-suction design
  • single-stage design
  • liquefied gas design
  • dimensions and performance curves in accordance with EN 22858; ISO 2858



Capacity: max. 85 m³/h
Head: max. 90 m
Rotating speed: 2800 to 3500 rpm
Operating temperature: –50 °C to +30 °C
Pressure rating: PN 25 and PN 40