The Veltia Hand Dryer operates with a world wide patented system becoming the most exclusive and innovative Hand Dryer in the world. This innovative hand dryer removes all the water from your hands quickly.

Thanks to a high speed jet stream of up to 200 Km/h. This novel system allows VELTIA to dry your hands in just 10-15 seconds. The Veltia Hand Dryer’s air jets dry hands faster than conventional warm air dryers and without any mess because the water is collected by a drain tank inside the dryer so it will not leak out. And unlike paper towels or cloth towel dispensers, the hands make no contact with any part of the unit.

Therefore it is hygienic and waste-free. Additionally, there is no need to refill or to service any dispensers, so it requires less maintenance. The Zero Smell Feature allows the Veltia Hand Dryer to neutralize bad scents.

Thanks to a unique technology that gets rid of malodorous smells, maintaining a fresher environment. This is a very exclusive novelty that only Veltia can offer.

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