Mechanical Products
CPM-Filter membranes for CPM segmented filters capture particles and bacteria as small as 0.2 microns for 100% sterility in air and gas filtration under all conditions, with throughput greater than that of conventional filter membranes and they maintain that capability even through repeated sterilizations

CPM Segmented filters feature a revolutionary design that provides several major advantages over conventional filter cartridges in food., beverage-, and other processing applications.

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is a member of the LEDERLE-HERMETIC group and maintains a world-leading position in the global market of sealless pumps. HERMETIC-Pumpen has been dedicated for 50 years to the invention, design and production of hermetically sealed centrifugal pumps.

The HERMETIC pump range comprises canned motor and magnetic drive pumps.The range includes standard pump designs and a variety of special designs and alternatives to meet specific customer requirements.

• Hermetic Pumps for Chemical Applications
• RefrigerantMECHANICAL


Klinger Fluid Control GmbH (Austria)
is the leading manufacturer of valves and level gauges, instrumentation and fluid control products especially for steam and superheated water network equipment. It is also a world-class player in valves for the oil and gas sector for chemicals and general industries, for water and hydropower applications. Our products are repairable at site w/o the need of pulling out in the system.

• Piston / Ball / Knife / Butterfly Valve
• Sight Glass
• Sight / Liguid Level Gauges
• Gasket/Packings

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is one of the world’s leader in drive technology. NORD gear is represented in over 60 countries in the world. Our high quality service standard results from our customer focus. Together, NORD and our customers are building long term successful business relationship.

NORD drive solutions are of the highest precision and are optimally suited for use in demanding applications. We continually invest in the most modern production systems to ensure the high quality standards that we have set for ourselves. Widely used in conveyors, agitators, pumps, bucket elevators, lifting equipment and many more applications.

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REXNORD (USA) - (Omega / Addax)
has revolutionalized the elastomer coupling industry with the Omega split-in-half flexible polyurethane coupling design. Consisting of four components, two hubs and two half elements, couplings are non-lubricated, material flexing couplings utilizing a specially formulated polyurethane material engineered for maximum durability, strength, fatigue resistance and environmental compatibility. It is practically maintenance free that tremendously reduced the plant operating cost.


• Less Vibration
• No Lubrication
• No Spark Potential
• No Metal to metal Contact
• Can Handle 4 degree Misalignment

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