VFusion is the new patented hand dryer in the market and manufactured by VELTIA, with the most advanced technology in the market. Minimalist, sophysticated, and with an innovative and exclusive design, the VFusion hand dryer provides a fast and hygienic hand drying process that lasts between 6 and 12 seconds, depending on the outlet air system chosen. VFusion is also the first hand dryer in the world that can be installed in hotel rooms thanks to its patented outlet air discs with ADS (Acoustic Dampening System).

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Being a product focused to produce low energy consumption, with the presence of VFusion in hotel rooms, the cost of laundry is reduced considerably and the safe of water is significant, causing a positive impact in our environment.


Aesthetically, the VFusion hand dryer revolutionizes the market due to its capacity of adjusting to new spaces, thanks to its multiple color options of the front covers.

The wide range of colors of the front covers are typical VELTIA colors, as well as the new spectrum, exclusivaly created for the new hand dryer: the pastel colors. With these wide range of color options, the hand dryer adapts itself to public restrooms of any kind: museums, night clubs, restaurants, football stadiums or airports among others.