Piston Type Water Meter RNK-L-RP-N

Rotary piston semi-dry-dial meter for cold water

The RNK-L-RP-N positive displacement meter records the flow rate according to the volumetric measuring principle. It offers a very high measuring range, excellent measuring stability and therefore guarantees extremely precise consumption recording.

The RNK-L-RP-N features a very low starting flow and is permitted for all installation positions. The meter is equipped with an 8-roller semi-dry dial register (RP = Roller Protected).
The meter is equipped with a reed switch interface as standard. The interface enables remote reading of the meter data via PDC radio module with LoRaWAN® or wM-Bus (according to DIN EN 13757-4).

The housing of the RNK-L-RP-N is made of glass-fibre reinforced polymer plastic, drinking water Approved and able for an operating pressure up to 16 bar.

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