NORDBLOC.1 Bevel Gear Motors

The new, performance-optimised 2-stage Parallel Bevel Gear Units are an innovative NORD design made from high-strength aluminium alloy. Thanks to the washdown version, the new 2-stage NORDBLOC.1 Bevel Gear Units are especially suitable for conveyor applications as well as in the food industry.

NORDBLOC.1 SK 9×0072.1 Bevel Gear Units
NEW: The new SK 9×0072.1 series has a power range from 0.12 to 1.1 kW and covers speed ratios from 3.03 to 47.67:1. The two-stage Helical Bevel Gear Unitsare characterised by high efficiencies, compact design, top reliability and long working life. The high-strength aluminium housing guarantees high rigidity and maximum durability with low weight. Additionally, the modular design provides wide application flexibility due to numerous application and mounting options. There are two models available: SK 920072.1 and SK 930072.1. The open housing of SK 920072.1 is lightweight but nevertheless very solid due to its construction. This variant is available with a universal foot flange version. With its closed housing, the SK 930072.1 is particularly suited for applications with stringent requirements for hygiene and cleanliness. Additional protection is provided by the optionally available nsd tupH surface treatment.

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<h2>Performance and design</h2>

Performance: 0.12 – 9.2 kW
Torque range: 50 – 660 Nm

Sizes: 6
Mounting position: M1 – M6
Ratio: 3.03 – 70 : 1

Solid or hollow shaft (keyed, Gripmaxx and Shrink Disc) designs
Universal design: footed/B14 flange (SK92.1) with optional B5 flange, torque arm. B14 flange with optional B5 flange or tapped foot holes (SK93.1)
Angled gear units

Aluminium housing version for low weight
High efficiency for low operating costs
Innovative design enables rapid cleaning and reduced weight
High axial and radial load capacities enable reliable operation
Quiet running
Large speed range
nsd tupH version possible
Application-specific versions