Industrial Scales Puro

The Puro® series has been developed for your varying weighing needs. Whether weighing, counting or quality control – all the Puro® scales provide a fast and accurate weighing performance. With its robust design, innovative and user-friendly applications, Puro® scales prove themselves in all areas of industrial weighing. They include a USB-C rechargeable battery with an extremely long operating time as well as smart connectivity options and application packages. Choose your Puro® from a wide selection of products and order your perfect weighing solution easily via the Puro® online store. Our global distribution centres guarantee quick and efficient delivery directly to your door. These innovative features make Puro® the true measure.


The Puro® compact scale range offers durable, compact and multi-functional weighing solutions. Large, bright displays, tactile keys, a traffic light function (Hi-Lo-Go) and an intuitive navigation make Puro® one of the most user-friendly scales to be used in any situation that requires industrial weighing. Multi-purpose scales and a special count scale are available to choose from.


Reliable, fast and easy to use

  • Fast, stable and accurate results
  • Increased throughput, quality and efficiency
  • Large front and rear displays

Smart product portfolio

  • Wide range of dimensions, resolutions and capacities
  • New series of industrial scales tailored to the needs of various industries

Up to 500 hours battery operation time

With its Lithium-Ion battery and superior low voltage electronics, Puro® provides a massive 500 hours of energy in just one operational cycle. And all you need for charging is a standard USB-C power supply.