Operational areas / applications

For the safe transport of aggressive, toxic, hot, explosive, valuable and flammable liquids and liquefied gases.

Model / design

Horizontal, sealless spiral housing pumps in process design with completely closed canned motor with radial impeller, single-stage, single-flow. The connection measurements of the housing comply with EN 22 858 / ISO 2858.



Canned motor pump type CN

The CN model is a standard design of the HERMETIC canned motor pump and is suitable for conveying all common liquids that are not close to steam pressure (not boiling media).

Canned motor pump type CNF

The CNF model is the version for liquefied gases, boiling media and condensate. With an integrated auxiliary impeller and internal fluid return, it is suitable for conveying liquids close to steam pressure.


The rotor lining, one of our core competences, is manufactured using the compact extrusion method and as a nickel-base alloy, it is an essential component of the highly efficient canned motor. The pressure-resistant enclosed version of our canned motor complies with explosion protection according to Directive 2014 / 34 / EU. The canned motor filled with liquid accelerates to the operating speed in seconds. It is wear-free and maintenance-free during continuous operation due to the hydrodynamic sleeve bearings. The canned motor with low noise and vibration and offers double security to prevent leaks.


Operating data

Frequency: 50 Hz 60 Hz

Pump capacity [Q]: 1.5 to 110 m³/h 1.8 to 130 m³/h

Pumping head [H]: 12 to 100 m 17 to 145 m

Output power [P2]: max. 41 kW max. 48 kW

Conveyed material temperature [t]: –40 °C to +120 °C –40 °C to +120 °C

Operating pressure: up to 25 bar up to 25 bar

(Extended rating scheme available on request)

Pump and hydraulic denomination

N34L-2  – Motor

200  – Nominal impeller diameter in mm

32  –  Nominal discharge nozzle diameter in mm

50 – Nominal suction nozzle diameter in mm

CN – Design