106 / S106-PT / PTC Full Port, Double Chamber, Hydraulically Operated Valve

The 106-PT and 106-PTC series control valves are hydraulically operated by introducing or releasing water from the control chambers. PT and PTC valves have two operating chambers that are divided from each other by the diaphragm, and are separated from the flowing media by an adaptor plate.

106-PTC is an enhancement of the 106-PT and includes an internal drop check feature. This mechanical check provides non-slam closure on reverse flow, independently of the stem position or the pilot operation.

PT and PTC valves are usually combined with Singer Valve specific purpose pilots and accessories to provide control for a wide range of functions: typically pump control and solenoid control applications. Refer to Main Valve Options and Pilots & Accessories to further customize the valve to suit specific applications.

  • Maintains positive control under all operating pressures
  • Precise positioning
  • Internal drop check option included on the PTC model
  • Available in globe and angle style
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  1. The main valve shall be a Singer insert main valve model number (106/S106/206/S206) -PTC dual chamber, diaphragm actuated specify (full/reduced) port model with a mechanical internal drop check feature top provide a non-slam closure on reverse flow, independent of the stem position of the main valve. The dual operating chambers are separated from the flowing media by an adapter plate.
  2. Main valves 4” (100mm) and smaller shall provide smooth, frictionless motion with actuation being achieved by the use of a flat style EPDM diaphragm. They shall be constructed of nylon fabric bonded with synthetic rubber. The diaphragm shall not be used as a seating surface.
  3. Main valves, 6” (150mm) and larger, shall provide smooth frictionless motion to ensure a low flow stability to specify minimum USGPM or L/s, achieved using SRD-Single Rolling Diaphragm technology.
  4. The main valve, bonnet and removable stem cap shall be constructed of ASTM A536 (Grade 65/45/12) ductile iron.
  5. The main valve bonnet shall be located using two or more locating guide pins to maintain the inner valve assembly alignment and for ease of maintenance.
  6. The main valve trim, consisting of seat ring and stem shall be constructed of AISI 316 stainless steel. The valve stem shall have wrench flats for ease of maintenance.
  7. The main valve shall provide a drip-tight seal using a mechanically retained resilient disc, having a rectangular cross section, against the stationary AISI 316 stainless steel seat ring.
  8. The stationary AISI 316 stainless steel seat ring of main valves 2.5” (65mm) and larger shall be held in place using Spiralock® self locking screws and seat ring retainers.
  9. All internal and external ferrous components, including all mating surfaces, shall be coated with an NSF-61 approved fusion bonded epoxy to a minimum of 10 mils DFT-Dry Film Thickness.
  10. The main valve elastomers: diaphragm, resilient disc and seals, shall be of EPDM or Buna-N.
  11. All main valve fasteners (bolts, nuts, studs, cap screws) shall be supplied as AISI 18-8 or 304 stainless steel. All bonnet bolts shall be fitted with stainless steel washers to prevent damage to the bonnet coating.
  12. Valve shall have flanged, threaded or grooved end connections. Flanged connections shall be specify ANSI/ASME B16.42 Class 150#/300# or ISO 7005-2 PN10/16/25/40 flange drilled, faced and rated. Threaded connections
  13. All repairs and maintenance shall be possible without removing the valve from the line. To facilitate easy removal and replacement of the inner valve assembly and to reduce unecessary wear on the guide, the stem shall be vertical when the valve is mounted ina horizontal line.
  14. Each valve shall be air tested prior to shipment. The standard test shall include leakage test, seat leakage test, and stroke test. Refer to IOM 622B for further details or contact Singer Valve. Ewhere the set point is provided, Singer Valve will preset the pilot. Further testing is available on request at published rates within the capabilioties of Singer Valve’s manufacturing facilities.



106 / S106-PT / PTC Full Port, Double Chamber, Hydraulically Operated Valve

Customize your valve by adding any of the available options

  • Position Indicators
  • Oxy-Nitride Stem
  • Internal Drop Check
  • External Spring Lift
  • Grooved Ends
  • Reclaimed Water

106 / S106-PT / PTC Full Port, Double Chamber, Hydraulically Operated Valve

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